Smash Trailer (2012) Extended HD Version

Our favorite gal pal, Katharine McPhee, is set to take the big stage and star in the upcoming Broadway themed television series entitled Smash. McPhee plays the lead in what some critics are calling THE show of 2012!

Checkout the extended HD trailer. Staring alongside Katharine is accomplished actress Debra Messing (will and grace), and Jack Davenport who has starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean series playing the role of Norrington.

Smash looks looks to be exactly that. A smash hit! Just imagine a more contemporary version of Glee... With well crafted actors.

Is Katharine McPhee Really Pregnant?

Back in 2007 while filming movie 'The House Bunny', Katharine McPhee was photographed while looking very pregnant, however, that was nothing more than hollywood prosthetics for the role she was playing.

In 2008 Katharine McPhee married Nick Cokas, and things seem to be going swimmingly, so watch out for an official baby bump in the near future.

Feel free to e-mail us with any and all Katharine McPhee related questions and we'll do our best and get to the bottom of it.

Katharine McPhee Sunglasses

Here we see our beloved Katharine McPhee, sporting a very sexy pair of over sized sunglasses, however we don't know the designer...

What we do know is that these sunglasses are big, beautiful with a touch of vintage style, plus they looking very sassy on Katharine McPhee!

The question is, do you know the make and model???

Katharine McPhee Birthday Wishes

I just wanna give a quick shout out to Katharine McPhee and wish her a lengthy belated birthday! I completely forgot to make a post for her birthday... Bord March 25, 1984.

Stay cool, stay humble, stay yourself! Only 26 years of age!

Katharine McPhee Net Worth

The internet is just chalked full of little insightful bits of information about celebrities, for instance i just found out that Katharine McPhee's money net worth is valued at 4 million dollars.

She is rising up the scale quickly!