Katharine McPhee Sunglasses

Here we see our beloved Katharine McPhee, sporting a very sexy pair of over sized sunglasses, however we don't know the designer...

What we do know is that these sunglasses are big, beautiful with a touch of vintage style, plus they looking very sassy on Katharine McPhee!

The question is, do you know the make and model???

Katharine McPhee Birthday Wishes

I just wanna give a quick shout out to Katharine McPhee and wish her a lengthy belated birthday! I completely forgot to make a post for her birthday... Bord March 25, 1984.

Stay cool, stay humble, stay yourself! Only 26 years of age!

Katharine McPhee Net Worth

The internet is just chalked full of little insightful bits of information about celebrities, for instance i just found out that Katharine McPhee's money net worth is valued at 4 million dollars.

She is rising up the scale quickly!

Katharine McPhee Height

Certainly i can't be the only person in the world wondering how tall Katharine McPhee is...

Well just encase there are one or two other people wonder the height of Katharine McPhee, i am happy to say that she is 5 feet 8 inches tall. According to about a dozen other websites, so it must be spot on.

Katharine McPhee Blonde Hair

Remember when Katharine McPhee shocked the world and dyed her hair platinum blonde?

How did you feel about her drastic change in hair color?

I personally loved it! But don't get me wrong i think Katharine McPhee's naturally long brunette hair is amazing, however the blonde was a very pleasant change of pace.

You really can't go wrong with Katharine McPhee and her beautiful head of hair.

Katharine McPhee Look A Like?

I recently saw this picture of Carmindy Bowyer (makeup artist) and thought she really has similar features to our girl Katharine McPhee.

What do you think, could she pass for a Katharine McPhee look a like?

Katharine McPhee Desktop Wallpapers

Feast your eyes on these absolutely beautiful desktop wallpapers of our sexy lady, Katharine McPhee.

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous woman gracing their computer background? Who, i ask you who!?!

Katharine McPhee is a babe.